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Most problems are caused by browser settings:

I can only order one product, it keeps removing the others?:
The most likely reason is that your browser has been set so as not to accept "cookies" ie your security settings are turned up too high! A cookie is a small file that retains the details of your order until you are ready to send it to us. The way to enable cookies varies depending on your browser. We suggest you try this link, which will do a Google search for you on the topic of enabling cookies.

If you are experiencing other problems with our ordering system, such as the pages coming up with errors when you order, you may have corrupted "cookie" files. The "cookie" file is stored on your computer and contains the item information for your order. Try these steps to rectify it. If this doesn't work, please contact us.

Please go to our menu- under general - ordering
there is an item that says "Clear your order"

If that doesn't work, can you try clearing your "cookies":
In Internet Explorer, choose tools - internet options -
if you are using version 6, there will be an button that says "Delete cookies"

click Temporary Internet files - settings, view files.
You will see a list of all the cookies on your computer.
Try to find the one that says ****@tietheknot.com.au/
and delete it.

You may then have to close your browser, then re-open it.

Still having problems?

It might be a problem on our server, and we don't know about it yet!

Please contact us, either by filling in our form, or phoning John on 02 6552 4188


Phone: 02 6552 4188

Mail to: TietheKnot.com.au, PO Box 595, Taree NSW 2430, Australia
cheques & money orders payable to J&W Carmichael
ABN 48 750 611 700

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