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Freight Charges:

All prices and orders are processed in Australian Dollars. As a guide the Australian dollar is worth about .75 of a US dollar. That is, for one US dollar you can buy one and a half Australian dollars. You can check your current exchange rate against the Aussie dollar by clicking here. It is possible to pay in US dollars if you use paypal. All our prices are also shown in US dollars for this purpose.
Our usual time to fill an order is one day, delivery is then usually within a day or two, over a week for international orders. There is a minimum delivery charge which applies to small orders to cover picking, packaging & processing. Orders of $50 or more go freight-free within Australia. If you opt to pay express post, we will give your order priority. Orders placed after 11am will not be sent the same day.
In Australia we have a Goods & Services Tax. This tax does NOT apply to goods sent outside Australia. All our stock shows two prices, the one in $AUD (Australian dollars) includes GST, the one in $US does not include the tax.
Items not in Stock:
If we cannot supply all of your order, you will be notified by email of those items not in stock. You can then decide whether we ship what we have, or wait until it is all available. We do not maintain a backorder system ie ship the rest later. (You will need to place an order again later). Send a list of substitutes with your order to speed the process up. Our on-line ordering system will warn you about items currently out-of-stock.
Learn more about ePathWe accept payment by Visa, Amex, & Mastercard on our secure e-Path website, also Australian Bank Cheques, Australian Money Orders, or direct deposit into our bank account. We cannot accept overseas bank cheques or international money orders. We are affiliated with the third party payment service PayPal. It is not a good idea to send cash in the mail. Payment should be made payable to J & W Carmichael, if you are sending a money order please put your name on the back, so we know who it belongs to!. For your convenience, you can now ask us to retain your credit card details for use with your next order.
Large Order Discounts:
Wholesale sticker buyers attract discounts as follows:
Within Australia: $50 or more - freight free, 10 sheets or more -get an extra sheet for every 10 ordered- free, 40 sheets or more - get an extra 2 sheets for every 10 ordered- free
 eg order 30 sheets and we'll give you 33, order 50 and get 60 sheets- you choose which free sheets you want. Please order extra sheets by putting their codes in the "substitutes" field, on the "Finalise order" page.
Outside Australia: 10 sheets or more- get an extra sheet for every 10 ordered- free, 40 sheets or more- get an extra 2 sheets for every 10 ordered- free. All orders have a AUD$10 freight cost.
 eg order 20 sheets and we'll give you 22, order 50 and get 60 sheets! you choose which free sheets you want.
Contact us for larger orders or custom orders.
In our bags & other supplies you will find that we have substantially better prices for larger quantities. In some cases, better than the wholesalers. If there is a particular item you are interested in that does not have a larger quantity offered on the website, please ask us about a bulk price.
Goods returned in original condition can be fully exchanged for any other item of the same value. If you want an exchange you must pay the freight charge both ways- the minimum is $8, which includes our handling charge. We do not refund your money if you have simply changed your mind. We can, if you wish, hold a credit for you until your next order. Freight charges apply to all returned goods, expect where we may have made an error or supplied defective goods, in which case we will pay the freight.
Privacy Policy:
Your information is not shared with anyone. We guarantee that it will be used only by us. If you wish to be removed from, or put on, our mailing list for special offers, please advise us by clicking here.


Contact Us:
John or Wendy Carmichael,
PO Box 595, 53 High St
Taree NSW Australia 2430
Phone/fax 02 6552 4188, International: Phone +61 2 6552 4188
Payments should be made to J&W Carmichael (ABN 48 750 611 700)


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