Beauty tips

for your wedding

All brides have one thing in common leading up to their wedding day: they want to look their absolute best. Our TietheKnot beauty writer has put together some great tips that will make any blushing bride feel confident and sexy on her big day.

Complexion Perfection   To calm nerves and help soothe, soften and rejuvenate skin, it's a great idea to book yourself and your groom into a day spa for a few treatments. Most spas offer couple packages that incorporate exfoliation (great to buff and refine skin), massages (much-needed for when you're feeling tense) and facials or body wraps (to get your skin looking its most vibrant). Just keep in mind that if you don't usually indulge in facials, you may find your complexion breaks out slightly after you first treatment. Schedule a few treatments to make the most of the therapy, or book in your dual day spa experience well before the wedding.

Bronzed Brides   All smart brides know that seeking the sun isn't the right way to get your skin glowing and looking bronzed. If you do want that sun-kissed look without the UV exposure, self-tanning is the best option. Cosmetic companies have perfected the art of colour and coverage, so you don't need to worry about orange, streaky skin if you follow these pre-tanning tips- click here for our comprehensive tanning guide.

magnetic date saverHair Hotline   Get your tresses looking shiny, healthy and full of body with these fast fixes:

White Hot   It's a fair bet you'll be flashing your pearly whites a lot during your wedding day, so it makes sense to get your teeth in great condition. There's a wide range of whitening products available that can help whiten and brighten your smile. Visit your dentist to discuss professional treatments if you're after a dramatic change in colour - they can offer impressive changes in colour with the latest technologies.

Grooming Matters   He may not admit to it, but your groom wants to look his best of your wedding day, too. So, there are plenty of ways for him to improve and prepare for the big day. Men's grooming products are available in such a wide range these days, that you'll have trouble deciding which brand to go for. A simple moisturizer (must contain SPF factor), cleanser, exfoliator and lip balm is a good start for a male regime. If he's new to the grooming scene, he'll notice a difference in his complexion after three weeks.

Author: Emma Carmichael, Copy Culture
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