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Losing Weight for your Wedding

by Beth Larson Losing weight for a wedding is a complicated issue for the bride. If you lose weight too soon, order your dress and then pack a few pounds back on as the wedding stress increases you can be left with a wedding dress that is too small. On the other hand, if you order your dress and then start losing weight after you can be left with a dress that is too large. Many brides also make the mistake of purposely ordering a dress that is too small and thinking they will lose weight to fit into it only to have their wedding day creep up on them and not be able to fit in their dress as planned.

Even given all of the hassle that comes along with losing weight as a bride, it is no wonder that you still may be wanting to lose weight for your wedding. After all, since you are the bride all eyes are going to be on you and you want to look your most beautiful for your wedding day. Not only that, but wedding photos last a lifetime and you probably don't want to be looking back at yourself overweight on your wedding day years from now!

magnetic date saverWith some careful planning it is possible to lose weight for your wedding and still fit in your gown. You just need to think things through and plan ahead to avoid pitfalls.

When planning your weight loss for your wedding, you should consider that it is much easier to alter a dress to a smaller size than it is to increase it to a larger size. Most gowns can usually be taken down at least 2-3 sizes (and sometimes as much as 5 sizes depending upon the style), while the majority of wedding gowns can usually only be taken up 1-2 sizes. That means it is a much better option to have a dress that is too big than a dress that is too small since big dresses can almost always be taken in.

It follows, then, that the best option is to order your wedding gown in your normal pre-weight-loss size and then have it taken in if you do lose weight. It is safer to go that route than to order a dress that is too small and hope to fit in it, or to lose a bunch of weight, order your dress, and then regain the weight. Alterations on dresses can be done just about right up to the wedding day so you should be able to get your dress taken in to fit you after you have lost weight.

Now, there are some exceptions to this rule. If your wedding is a long, long time out and you plan to lose a lot of weight before your wedding (over 12-22 Kilos), you may want to opt for ordering your dress about 5-6 months before your wedding so it will be closer to the size you will be on your wedding day.

Also, if you currently wear plus sizes and hope to drop below plus size you may want to try losing at least a little weight before ordering your gown. The reason is that for some unknown reason dress shops seem to think that it is OK to tack a couple hundred extra dollars onto the price tag of plus sized gowns. If you can get below a plus size and maintain your weight loss before ordering your wedding gown you can save some money on your dress. The key to this though is that you have to maintain your weight loss. If you don't feel you can keep the weight off then spend the extra couple hundred and get a dress that will fit. And don't wait too long to order your dress since you don't want to risk any problems that might leave you dress-less on your wedding day.

Whether your wedding is a long ways off or right around the corner, check out Weight Loss for Weddings to get advice on a great wedding weight loss diet that will have you looking smashing in time for your wedding at

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