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Articles, Tips & Hints for Your Wedding


The Best Man's Speech
Ways to make it memorable

by Leroy Chan You are the best man and the groom expects you to make a speech at the wedding. You have a general idea of what to say, but you want your speech to be memorable. Here are a few ways to help you accomplish that.

Tell a Compelling Story

Events or experiences you have had with the groom can be inspiration for a story that the wedding guests would enjoy hearing. Stories, when told well, have a way of drawing people’s attention. You can make it vivid by describing what day it happened, if it was raining or sunny, the location or landmarks surrounding you. Try to get people to see in their mind what you are describing so they will feel like they are there with you as it is happening.

Use Funny Jokes or Witty Humor

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. There could be moments that you and the groom have shared which people may find funny. Try to tell a joke that people in general can relate to or will not be offended by. Go ahead and start making fun of yourself first so people will let their defenses down and be receptive to hearing more jokes. It might be hard to come up with a good line or two, but your audience will really loosened up and enjoy the evening more.

Include Famous Quotes

Take a quote that relates to marriage or relationships in general and weave it into your speech. Try to use a quote that's thought provoking, but not too heavy or deep. If said at the beginning, it could set the tone for the speech and give you ideas of what to say for the rest of it. If you say the quote at the end of the speech, it should leave everyone with a good feeling. You can find quotes for your speech by searching online or you can visit your local library and browse through books devoted to quotations.

Invoke Some Emotions

You might not be a touchy feely person, but saying something sentimental or heartfelt can make a speech memorable. Perhaps you can think of a time when the groom helped you when you really needed it and tell the audience how it made you feel. Okay, you can skip this idea if you don't want to reveal your emotions in public, but if you do, it may get your audience to pay attention.

Show Your Personal Side

Put your personality into your speech. You just might have enough charm to make the guest not only like you, but also receive your speech favorably. A little enthusiasm can perk up your audience. Like performers or actors who have a "stage presence,” you may find people are attentive because of your personality.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ways to make your speech memorable. Using a bit of creativity, you can come up with your own way of making a best man speech that people talk about and remember favorably for many years to come.

Need some free sample funny best man speeches, best man speech jokes, quotes or writing tips? Get them at Best Man Speech Guide  Copyright 2006 by Leroy Chan, Article Source: Ezine Articles

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