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The Duties of the Maid of Honour

By Samuel Abdullah The brideís chief attendant at her wedding is the maid of honour. She is a single woman. A matron of honour is a married woman who acts as the brideís chief attendant. The maid of honour may be your sister, a lifelong friend or someone special who has recently come into your life. It is very important to choose just the right maid of honor and she will be just like your right-hand during this very special but sometimes unnerving time.

The maid of honor should be able to fulfill her duties with grace and poise. The maid of honor should be a friend who shall willingly take on all of the responsibilities of this position and take some of the stress and pressure off of you.

You should be able to count on your maid of honour when you need her as you prepare for your wedding. Her duties consist of much more than just standing beside you as a witness for your wedding and holding your bouquet. Here are some of the duties of the maid of honor:

  1. Before the wedding, your maid of honor may help you select the locations of both your wedding ceremony as well as the reception. She may even offer her opinion about your wedding stationery, and she may even help with addressing the envelopes. The maid of honor may also give her honest opinion concerning the decorations and wedding favors. She may also play a part in the planning and throwing of some of the bridal shower parties.
  2. Before your wedding, the maid of honor may give her opinion as to which wedding attire you should choose as well as the attire of the bridesmaids. The maid of honor should also make sure that the bridesmaids arrive on time if any alterations are needed. She may also accompany you when you go to register for wedding gifts. The maid of honor should also spread the word as to where you are registered. She may also help with seating arrangement choices and will help to keep the bridesmaids organized. The maid of honor should help you to remember the little details that need to be done in preparation for and during the wedding as well is to help keep everything running smoothly.
  3. As the day of your wedding dawns, the maid of honor will see to it that you have everything you need. She will also see that you will arrive at your wedding in plenty of time for dressing and last-minute primping.
  4. It is the maid of honorís duty to make sure that your privacy is not breached while you are dressing for your wedding. If you need any messages sent to anyone, the maid of honor should assist you with this.
  5. The maid of honor will hold the groomís ring for you and will also hold your wedding bouquet during the time you are getting married. She will also be the chief witness of your marriage, and she will also have the privilege of toasting the newlyweds

As you can see, there are many things that your maid of honour will help you with during your wedding preparations as well as on that very special day. Make sure that you choose a dependable person and make your choice wisely.

© 2007 Samuel Abdullah.
Samuel lives in Chicago and is the father of six daughters. Learn how to save up to 80% on your wedding cost. For more tips on wedding visit
Article Source: Ezine Articles

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