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The Duties of the Best Man

By Samuel Abdullah It is a great privilege and honour to be asked to be the Best Man at a wedding. In order to prepare for that special day, here is a list of duties that the Best Man will be expected to perform at an American wedding:Wedding Wine label

  1. The first and foremost duty that the Best Man will be asked to do is to plan a Bachelor Party for the groom as well as the other groomsmen.
  2. The Best Man will be expected to attend the rehearsal, which is usually held the day before the wedding. Immediately following the rehearsal, there will be a rehearsal dinner and you will be expected to attend that as well.
  3. On the day of the wedding, the Best Man will be expected to escort and drive the groom to each destination unless a limo is hired. The bride will usually tell the Best Man where he needs to drive the groom.
  4. The Best Man is required to arrive early on the wedding day so he can assist the groom in any way he can. The Best Man also needs to show up early in order to be in the pre-wedding photographs. It is also the Best Manís duty to drive the groom to the destination where the wedding will take place.
  5. It is the Best Manís duty to be friendly and helpful throughout the wedding.
  6. Custom Wedding Wine label At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the Best Man may either walk in with the groom or with the Maid of Honour.
  7. The Best Man may be asked to keep the brideís ring safe until the officiant asks for the ring during the wedding ceremony.
  8. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the Best Man will leave with the Maid of Honour.
  9. Since it is the Best Manís duty to assist the groom, it is his task to distribute the groomís payment envelopes to the officiant, planner, musician, etc.
  10. After the wedding ceremony, the Best Man will be asked to toast the bride and groom at the reception. He should also have a speech prepared that contains many sincere wishes for the bride and groom.
  11. If there is dancing at the reception, the Best Man should dance with the Maid of Honor as well as the Bridesmaids.
  12. The Best Man is expected to participate in any activities that were planned by the bride and groom.

click for more Thank you stickersIn a nutshell, these are the duties of the Best Man. It is your job to make the day as easy as possible for the groom. Thatís what itís all about!.

© 2007 Samuel Abdullah.
Samuel lives in Chicago and is the father of six daughters. Learn how to save up to 80% on your wedding cost. For more tips on wedding visit Article Source: Ezine Articles

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